1.  June Night (Bear/Friend)
 2.  South (Moten/Hayes/Charles)
 3.  Sweet Substitute (Morton)
 4.  Festival Jubilee (Unbehagen)
 5.  Loosefish And Fatsliver (Unbehagen)
 6.  Lonesoma Railroad Blues (Traditional)
 7.  She's Funny That Way (Whiting/Moret)
 8.  Ballin' The Jack (Burris/Smith)
 9.  How Can You Face Me (Waller/Razaf)
10. The Jumbo's Trott (Unbehagen)
11. Since My Best Gal (Quicksell/Lodwig)
12. Old Stack'O Lee Blues (Bechet)
13. Five Foot Two (Henderson/Lewis/Young)
14. Save It Pretty Mama (Redman/Denniker)
15. I'm Crazy About My Baby (Waller/Hill)
16. It Don't Mean A Thing (Ellington; Arr. Unbehagen)
17. San Antonio Rose (Wills)

down below that old dixie line

CD (uj 0107), Juli 2001





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